On 4 May Wülfrath hosted a Frülingsfest (Spring Festival) to showcase its twin towns of Ware and Bondues (France) to the citizens of Wülfrath.

Seven members of Ware Town Twinning travelled to Wulfrath to take part – Phyllis Ballam, Chairman of the Committee, Chris and Peter Smith, Joint Secretaries of the Association, Ros Standley, Vice-Chairman of the Committee with her husband Mick, and Janet and Barry Parkin.  The Ware contingent included the Ware Town Crier (with bell) aka Barry Parkin and a Beadle aka Pete Smith – both in full regalia.  Ware offered tastings of sausage rolls, cheddar cheese, shortbread, hot cross buns, and Battenburg cake (although German in name, a very British cake) and Pimms punch.  There was a display board featuring the gazebos, the Priory etc. and information on the history of twinning between the two towns. Typical pub activities such as darts, dominoes and bar skittles were demonstrated. 

The French contingent demonstrated boules, and provided pate and red wine. Wülfrath provided musical entertainment and coffee and cake.   A fun afternoon!  Something to think about for Ware, maybe?