2021 – A Special Anniversary Year for Twinning

Fifty years of twinning with Wülfrath and twenty years of twinning with Cormeilles-en-Parisis will be celebrated on Sunday 19 September. 

A joint celebration in Ware was initially planned but, because of disruption to travel plans due to Covid, unfortunately this will not now be an actual event as we had originally hoped, and will instead take place by Zoom.

The Town Council is arranging a virtual renewal of the Pledge of Friendship with the two towns.  This will include speeches by the three Mayors and musical interludes from each of the three towns – Ware’s contribution being provided by Ware Brass.

There is also an exhibition running at Ware Museum until 24th November 2021 which is well worth a visit. Check here for museum opening times.

AGM – Tuesday 22 June, 7.30pm.

In the Priory, we hope! If not, by zoom. Confirmation of location will be issued asap.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

The present committee – Councilor Phyllis Ballam, Chairman; Pete and Chris Smith, Joint Secretaries; Dennis Day; James Jarvis; Barry Parkin, Treasurer; Janet Parkin, and Mick Standley are all willing to stand again for re-election to the committee. However, more committee members will be welcome. If you would like to be considered please contact Pete Smith (pjs@pjseng.co.uk) before 21 June.

Swimming & Twinning!

There is a long tradition of friendship between Ware Swimming Club and TB Wülfrath Schwimmen from our Twin Town of Wülfrath.

An annual Swimming Gala takes place during the Easter holiday, with the two Clubs alternating visits to each other’s towns. It was the turn of TB Wülfrath to visit Ware this year, however, this was not to be due to Covid-19.

The Clubs decided the way forward would be to virtually travel to the opposite town, covering the 623 kilometres distance in their own town, by foot or bike. After the first two days it was close – Wülfrath had covered 366km and Ware were narrowly in the lead with 370.90km. Ware has been in winning mode recently, however, it was not to be for 2021 as TB Wülfrath were the first to complete the distance, despite some heavy snowfall.

There were plans for a virtual Friday night get together to celebrate the event – we don’t know how late it went on!

Congratulations to TB Wülfrath on their 2021 win and to both Clubs for keeping this long standing friendship alive.

There’s a great video snapshot on the Ware Swimming Club Facebook page:

2021 – A Special Anniversary Year for Twinning

This year sees the 50th Anniversary of twinning with Wülfrath and the 20th Anniversary of twinning with Cormeilles-en-Parisis. A joint celebration with all three towns is planned in Ware for the weekend of 17-19 September. Both Mayors, Herr Rainer Ritsche of Wülfrath, and M Yannick Boedec of Cormeilles, have accepted invitations to attend.

The official re-signing of the Pledges of Friendship will take place at the Priory on Sunday morning 19 September. Further details will be published here in due course.

An exhibition to coincide with the above will be held in Ware museum from 4th September to 24th November.

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